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What happens when I book in for a Soul Coaching or Remote Energy Healing session?

You won’t need to fill out a client history form before your soul coaching or remote energy healing but it can help to think about what you would like to focus on. It can be a broad intention for your session, ie to be more peaceful, have more clarity and/or vitality, or you can be more specific: ie to release any emotional entanglements to an ex-partner, to get more empowered in a work situation, to seek healing for an ailment. If you’ve booked in simply for the experience, there is no need to worry if you don’t know what to focus on. Olivia’s intuition can guide you to prioritise what’s important for you during your session.

We can use Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, fixed phone / landline, or a different method of your preference. We can use these communication mediums with or without the screen/video functions, you can pick your preference.

It is advised you have at least an hour to yourself at the time of your session. Look for a space where you can be undisturbed, with no incoming calls or other external distractions. It helps to dim the lights and/or even light a candle. Have a comfortable chair or something you can recline in.

How will I feel after a session?

Generally speaking, clients report leaving their sessions feeling relaxed, refreshed and happy. Read more here if you’d like to hear what clients have to say about the various benefits of their treatments and the long-lasting results they have achieved.

“Olivia allowed me to get in touch with my heart and soul at a time when I was de-motivated, restless and unfocused. The messages Olivia delivered to me still resonate everyday in my head, reminding me of my focus and grounding. I feel very special that I have Olivia in my life to help me be brave and inspiring.”

Maureen Bell


“Olivia is a truly gifted healer. Olivia has an uncanny ability to know exactly what is required in a healing session even without any words being said. I highly recommend Olivia’s services. She is a real talent who goes about her work with the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.”

— Paul Brendan James


“Olivia is a talented wellbeing provider and Healer who is extremely passionate about making her clients feel at their best. Olivia helps you with perspective, balance and joy in life and every session you walk away with new insights and you’ll feel great. If you are a busy individual, having sessions with Olivia is an absolute must. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Sonja van den Bosch


“I would highly recommend the services of Olivia Shurdova; the entire experience was nothing short of amazing and helped me greatly in both stress relief and my personal journey.”

— Mathew Stubbs


“Olivia is a gifted practitioner and an amazing person. I cannot speak more highly of her and would recommend her (and have done so) to anyone. I look forward to my sessions with Olivia and have experienced life changing experiences whilst in her care.”

— Penny Taylor


“I have been seeing Olivia since about 2010, and I can’t recommend her to my friends and family enough. She is amazingly gifted, caring and really understands the pressures of everyday life. She has helped me with dealing with trauma suffered from a car accident, managing stress and helped me spiritually and really grounded my thoughts and wellbeing.”

Jean-Paul Buhagiar


“Olivia is amazing. This lady is very special.”

— Deni Curtis


“Olivia’s work can simply not be underestimated. In my case, the first time I entered her office I was a sceptic of the worst kind and left a complete believer in her, her work and the system of lifestyle and wellbeing that she endorses. Olivia does not only provide a service (an excellent one), she changes lives and has the unique ability to reach even the toughest personality and help even a thoroughly challenged individual such as myself. I fully recommend her and her services for more reasons than I can list here. She will help you believe in yourself. Give her a call.”

— Joshua Cornish


“Olivia is an excellent service provider who is both reliable and credible. Her extensive knowledge of her subject matter is impressive. She is always friendly, warm and engaging, which is particularly important in her line of work. I would recommend Olivia to anyone seeking her services.”

— Sally Miles


“Olivia provides a calming and relaxing environment for full mind and body rejuvenation. Her quality listening and empathy allows one to come away with a clear, focused mind.”

Stuart Anderson


How many sessions will I need? / How often do I need treatments?

How many sessions are required and how often is necessary each depend on what it is that you are after, how long your health concerns have been troubling you and, of course, how quickly you respond to the treatment. All of these are hard to ascertain until you actually experience a session. Once you have, we can discuss and tailor a treatment plan that’s right for you and your wellbeing. Naturally, the more sessions you undertake (especially looking at healing as a journey), the more benefits you’ll receive, but if you’d like to simply try one treatment and see the results that are possible yourself, feel free to book in for a single session.

Rest assured that Olivia will tailor every treatment session to suit your needs, and that she also espouses the fact that transformative change doesn’t necessarily need to take years or even months — many of her clients report major improvements and shifts after just one session.


I am already seeing other energetic/healing professional; can I come and see you at the same time or will it interfere with other treatments?

Any and all services Olivia offers are wonderful accompaniments to other forms of treatment and modalities, mostly because they are gentle, non-invasive and safe. Olivia regularly receives referrals from, and refers to, psychologists, naturopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, dieticians/nutritionists, massage therapists and other clinicians.

If you are unsure how the treatments may complement each other, please contact Olivia or your other health care practitioner for more personalised information.


What payment methods does Conscious Wellbeing accept?

You can pay by PayPal or bank transfer for your Soul Coaching or Remote Energy Healing sessions. It is advised you make your payment before your session.

Naturally, the more often you book in, the more benefits you’ll receive, but if you’d like to simply try one treatment and see the results that are possible yourself, you are very welcome.

Do you have any other questions that haven’t been answered?

Please get in touch here.